Kosanka Tobanyoku Kakinokizaka

Weight down Mood Up – short period detox course


Short term body reset is combining several detox elements to maximize the body refresh in a short time interval. The course is recommended as a quick recovery after a less healthy period with higher calorie food and less physical-activity (winter holidays, business trip etc). Details

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Facial and body cosmetics treatement availble before and after yoga. Limited avilability.

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Welcome to the Kosanka Tobanyoku Kakinokizaka Detox Spa Cherion

Welcome to the Detox Spa Cherion. Our ladies only relaxation spa combines the anti-oxidant ceramic plate sauna benefits, various non-invasive esthetics techniques and diet control to achieve enhanced results of rejuvenation and beauty enhancement in a select ambiance. The approach includes healing the mind and the body from inside out and outside in. The anti-oxidant ceramic plate sauna, Kosanka Tobanyoku in Japanese creates a purified high temperature and low humidity microclimate with powerful detox, relaxation and immunity enhancement effects. The experience is delightful without the hardness to breath associated with other types of sauna. Please treat yourself with a terrific experience and let your body and spirit to rejoice at the Detox Spa Cherion.


The spa is located in a quiet residential area, from the Komazawa street into the Sakura tree alley third house on the right with the “Detox Spa Cherion” sign at the entrance. Proceed on the wooden path to the 1st floor underground

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In addition to the health and beauty benefits, the salon is a friendly warm place for you to escape from the daily stress and worries.


Each season the nature in front of the salon mesmerizes us with its magic.

Beauty and Health by Detox

Aging and toxicity added by inappropriate diet and unhealthy habits are the principal factors affecting the natural beauty of the human body. Moderate exercise, appropriate diet are a good start for detox. Eliminating toxins from your body will recover some of the lost beauty and also increase your spiritual health i.e., a happier life. Our spa is here to support and guide you thought the process of recovering the lost natural beauty, adding more and enhancing your mind and body health.

Kosanka Tobanyoku

Warm up the body has immunity enhancement effects.

toubanyouku with Client

The anti-oxidant ceramic plate sauna, generates a large amount of negatives ions, this in combination with low humidity and high temperature sets the ultra-pure microclimate with the multiple benefits for the human body. Just enjoy a session while listening to relaxation music.


Is a detox method with the ultimate target of correcting the diet habits.

It consist of a teaching session followed by a period of 3 or 5 days of replacing the diet with a designated support drink. During this period guidance and support is part provided by our qualified staff. This has a powerful detox effect, desirable controlled loss weight and can help changing to healthier dietary habits.



Independent or in conjunction with the Ceramic Sauna and Fasting is targeting body & face line correction, cellulite blast, skin quality enhancement, detox using “Cavitation” technology (ultrasound low- and medium-frequency & low-intensity electrical current)

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