Kosanaka Tobanyoku Kakinokizaka

About Cherion

The word Cherion is derived from the name of Mythological centaur Chiron who, according to the legend, was Achillesfs teacher and had the power to heal. The logo consists of Chiron holding a shield in shape of a lotus flower. Lotus flower symbolizes, in certain cultures the beauty and purity of the mind and body. The combination of Chiron and Lotus is illustrates the purpose of the Detox Spa Cherion:

Spa Salon Manager Introduction

Yoko Bistriteanu


Yoko initially started working with cosmetic treatment machines for nonintrusive face lifting and weight loss 15 years ago. In 2005 she became a Yoga instructor. Living in Singapore, Tokyo and travelling across Asia and Europe she had the chance to interact with different cultures. Regardless the place, climate and culture she witnessed the power of detoxification in resurrecting the health and natural beauty. Back in Japan in August 2014 she decided to start a detox spa to share her knowledge helping people to be healthier and better looking.

Cherion Inc.